Abstract Reasoning

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The ability to analyze information and solve problems on a complex, thought-based level. Abstract reasoning tasks involve skills such as:

* Forming theories about the nature of objects, ideas, processes, and problem solving;

* Understanding subjects on a complex level through complex analysis and evaluation; and

* Ability to apply knowledge in problem-solving using theory, metaphor, or complex analogy.

Abstract Reasoning Exercises

By: Omar Castaño P. ©

We have neglected these simple exercises many times, just because we do not understand them.

Take into account...

To find the answer fastly, it is IMPORTANT you analyze each element separately and at the same time, as a part of a group.

Any exercise on reasoning follows a pattern:
In the case of numbers, they set their key using mathematical operations. For example, a series may be formed with even numbers; another series can add or subtract an amount to achieve the next box. The combination of mathematical operations is also used in a series of numbers, such as multiplying in the first element and then dividing in the second one, and so on.
When geometric figures are used in tests on reasoning, they create their working pattern changing colors, positions or shapes. When several figures go in one box, they can follow their own move or change their function depending on another figure.

So, each series follows its own pattern.

Exercise 1 (With a single element)

To begin understanding them, here is a little example:

Replace the box with the question marks (???) by one of the three on the right side (a, b, c).

In the first square, the arrow points to the bottom-right corner;

in the second square, the arrow points to the bottom-left one;

in the third box, the arrow points to the top-left corner.

We can conclude the arrow is turning clockwise from corner to corner.

ex 1

Therefore, the box with the question marks will be changed by the one indicated with the letter "c": the arrow points to the top-right corner.

Exercise 2 (Two elements)

We used two different elements: an arrow and a star.

The Star:

In the first square, the star is up-right.

In the second one, the star is down-left.

In the third square, the star is up-right again.

So, in the fourth square, the star will be down-left again.

Now, the arrow:

In the first square, the arrow is pointing to the centre-right side.

In the second one, the arrow is pointing to the down-right corner.

In the third square, it is pointing to the centre-down side.

So, in the fourth square, the arrow will be pointing to the down-left corner.

ex 2

The answer is the one indicated by letter "a".

Now, Exercises with Numbers.

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Abstract Reasoning

Abstract Reasoning

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