Crossword Puzzles

A Crossword is a word puzzle, which has the figure of a square or rectangular grid with black and white squares. White squares are used to write letters to form words or phrases and the black ones separate those words. The goal is to solve the clues which lead into the answers.

How to fill Crosswords

By: Omar Castaño P.

Based on a clue or definition, you should find a word with a certain number of letters, indicated by the white cells.

The answer will be written horizontally (ACROSS: from left to right), vertically (DOWN: from top to bottom), or inverted if asked.

Horizontal lines are also called ROWS, and vertical ones COLUMNS.

White cells are sometimes called "lights", and the black cells are sometimes called "darks", "blanks" or "blocks".

Across Answers

Definitions or Questions:

1. Contrary of "Black".

2. I don't hate you, I ... you.

3. Sight organ.

4. Beverage.

5. Where you sleep.

Crossword Puzzles: horizontal exercise

Down Answers

Let's play the same clues:

Crossword Puzzles: vertical exercise

In exercises 1 - 2, we sought just one word in each line.

Now we'll searh for more than a word in every line; each of the clues is limited by a dot (period). In this case, a definition should go along with a single white square between two dark ones.

Across-More than one Clue

Questions or Clues:

1. Contrary of "Blue". Used for writing.

2. Last alphabet letter. YES. Sound of dog, yelp.

Crossword Puzzles: exercise-more than one definition

Down-More than one Clue

Crossword Puzzles: vertical exercise-more than one hint

Now, with inverted words:

More Crossword Exercises

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