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These are almost identical to us humans, and they can pass unnoticed among us; their features: white skin, pale or red, blue eyes, blond hair mostly long, athletic frame size; their height varies: there have been cases of humanoid beings 1 m (little ones); from 1.70 to 2 metres those of a normal size, and others much higher: 2.5 m in height; 3 m to 4 m the most gigantic ones.

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The Grays

These aliens are the best known ones; there are at least 3 different types: some 1.5 m height, which are the most numerous, and come from the stellar binary system of the Zeta 2 Reticulum constellation. The ones measuring approximately 2.20 m coming from Orion, and the ones 1 m in height from a stellar system near Orion, called Bellatrax.

The physical characteristics are similar among them, grayish skin, large "pear" inverted-shaped head, without hair, big black eyes, small mouth without lips, almost no nose, no ears, thin body, very long arms and fingers; They reproduce by cloning because their reproductive system has been damaged presumably by radiation.


They are animal-shaped extraterrestrial. They may have combined qualities and characteristics belonging to different species.

The reptilians are also included in this group; They are highly advanced beings but negative and hostile toward humans. They are supposed to habit a planetoid led by them and it is also supposed they are in search for a new world to live in...

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"A friend and I were walking back to our billets from across the base at Ft. Bliss on a Saturday. We were passing by the crypto information center for the Strategic Air command which is located underground in a highly secured area. We looked up at the sky on a very clear night, when we noticed large cloud like puffs, that seemed to come from out of nowhere. Then we saw a UFO that looked to be the shape of a disk/saucer...

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