Types of UFOs

This differentiation of UFOs has been made as a result of the testimonies of people who have had close contact with them, have seen or even have photographed them. Making a study of these accounts, it is possible to identify several types of UFO. These are:

Disk Ships

They are the best known one as these ships have been the most photographed. Their size ranges from the smallest of approximately 10m in diameter, to the largest displayed, which can reach several kilometers in diameter. Their color is silver metallic, but emit colored lights. The testimonies claim that some of these ships have rotation on their axis, which reach high speeds and carry abrupt and inexplicable maneuvers out.

Stellar Ships

Their appearance is similar to a huge ball of bright colors.

Mother Ships

These ships have the appearance of a dirigible or zepeling and their size is much higher than that of other ships. They are silver-colored and can reach speeds greater than those of any other ship.

Flat Ships

The size of these ships ranges from 30 to 100 m long. Thier color is silver metallic and they are usually observed at a low altitude.

Triangular Ships

The testimonies describe them as 100m wide, black or gray ships.

Close Encounters

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A close encounter in ufology is an event where a person witnesses an unidentified flying object. This terminology and the system of classification behind it was started by astronomer and UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek, and was first suggested in his 1972 book The UFO Experience: A Scientific Study.

First kind

A sighting of one or more unidentified flying objects: Flying saucers, Odd lights, Aerial objects that are not attributable to human technology.

Second kind

An observation of a UFO, and associated physical effects from the UFO, including: Heat or radiation, Damage to terrain, Human paralysis, Frightened animals, Interference with engines or TV or radio reception. Crop circles found in the vicinity of a UFO sighting.

Third kind

An observation of what Hynek termed "animate beings" in association with a UFO sighting. Hynek chose the somewhat vague term "animate beings" deliberately, as it described the beings associated with UFOs without making any unfounded assumptions regarding the beings' origins or nature. Hynek did not necessarily regard these beings as "extraterrestrials" or "aliens", and in his 1972 book, he further expressed discomfort with such reports, but felt a scientific obligation to include them, at the very least because they represented a sizable minority of claimed UFO encounters.

Fourth kind

A human is abducted by a UFO or its occupants.

Fifth kind

These purported encounters are joint, bilateral contact events produced through the conscious, voluntary and proactive human-initiated or cooperative communication with Extraterrestrial intelligence.

Extraterrestrial Races


These are almost identical to us humans, and they can pass unnoticed among us; their features: white skin, pale or red, blue eyes, blond hair mostly long, athletic frame size; their height varies: there have been cases of humanoid beings 1 m (little ones); from 1.70 to 2 metres those of a normal size, and others much higher: 2.5 m in height; 3 m to 4 m the most gigantic ones.

UFOs: et-2 UFOs: et-3 UFOs: et-4

The Grays

These aliens are the best known ones; there are at least 3 different types: some 1.5 m height, which are the most numerous, and come from the stellar binary system of the Zeta 2 Reticulum constellation. The ones measuring approximately 2.20 m coming from Orion, and the ones 1 m in height from a stellar system near Orion, called Bellatrax.

The physical characteristics are similar among them, grayish skin, large "pear" inverted-shaped head, without hair, big black eyes, small mouth without lips, almost no nose, no ears, thin body, very long arms and fingers; They reproduce by cloning because their reproductive system has been damaged presumably by radiation.


They are animal-shaped extraterrestrial. They may have combined qualities and characteristics belonging to different species.

The reptilians are also included in this group; They are highly advanced beings but negative and hostile toward humans. They are supposed to habit a planetoid led by them and it is also supposed they are in search for a new world to live in...

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