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Abstract Reasoning Tests

Answers Test 1:

(01. b) 1+(2)=3+(4)=7+(6)=13+(8)=21; Adds even numbers.

(02. b) Lessens from 99 and increases from 1 alternating.

(03. a) Moves forward 1+1/2 wall clockwise.

(04. a) Red: left-right; right-left. White: same place.

(05. a) Red: left-right; right-left. White: from corner to corner, alternating, clockwise.

(06. b) Squares without arrows.

(07. c) Skips 2 letters.

(08. a) Increases number in repeated letter. Alphabetical Order.

(09. c) Black and White: from corner to corner; clockwise.

(10. b) Black: 1/2 wall. White: from corner to corner. Both: clockwise. Top

Answers Test 2:

(01. b) Each row with the whole figures.

(02. b) 9-(2)=7+(1)=8-(2)=6+(1)=7. Subtracts (2) and adds (1).

(03. b) Lower figure: same column; upper figure: same row.

(04. b) Lower figure: same column; upper figure: same row.

(05. c) Lines as ascending numbers.

(06. c) (+1)(+1);(+2) (+2);(+3)...

(07. b) Total of the two preceding numbers.

(08. c) Adds the preceding number, then subtracts the preceding one.

(09. a) Add the first two ones up from each row.

(10. a) Circle: from corner to corner, clockwise; line: above/below/above diagonally. Top

Answers Test 3:

(01. b) Begins with the last number of preceding square.

(02. b) Left column: same number (1). Right column: increasing numbers.

(03. a) Arrows rotate clockwise.

(04. c) Each arrow rotates same square, clockwise.

(05. a) Hearts and Clubs: clockwise; the other two, diagonally. Top

Answers Test 4:

(01. b) (+1), (+2), (+1), (+2)...

(02. c) (+2), (÷2), (+2), (÷2)...

(03. a) (+1), and repeat the total; (+1), and repeat the total...

(04. a) (-18), (+22)

(05. c) (1-3-5-...) alternating with (2-3-4-...)

(06. b) (a-b-c/d-e-f/g-h-i/...) alternating with (o-p-q/r-s-t/u-v-w...)

(07. a) Skips 1, skips 1; skips 2, skips 2; skips 3...

(08. a) Repeats and continues alphabet. Top

Answers Test 5:

(01. b) Each domino begins with the last number of the preceding one.

(02. b) (6): doesn't change; (2-2) (3-3) (4-4)

(03. c) Left: increasing (0-1-2-3-4); Right: decreasing (6-5-4-3-2).

(04. c) Left: decreasing (6-5-4-3-2); (6): same.

(05. a) Mirror dominoes: (1-2/2-1) (1-3/...).

(06. c) Increasing and decreasing, alternating.

(07. b) (6): left-right-left-right-left; (1-2-3-4...).

(08. b) (0-0/0-1) increasing; (6-6/6-1) increasing; (0-0/0-2)...

(09. a) Left: increasing numbers; (1): doesn't change.

(10. a) 0+1=(1), 1-1=(0); 1+0=(1), 1-0=(1); 1+1=(2), 2-1=(1)...

Left: Adds preceding domino; Right: subtracts 2nd half. Top

Answers Test 6:

1. (c).

Group A shapes are all straight lines.

Group B shapes are all curved.

2. (a).

(Group A) Same color shapes are diagonally opposite.

(Group B) Same color shapes are right/left. Top

Answers Test 7:

(01. b) Last ball jumps to join the black one.

(02. a) When the black ball appears, the white one jumps forward the green ball.

(03. c) Same figures alternating.

(04. b) Triangle and circle contrary colors.

(05. a) Figures 1-3-5: above-inverted-above; Figures 2-4-6-...: right-inverted-right. Top

Answers Test 8:

(01. c) Arrows point to the corner.

(02. b) 4-sided figures.

(03. c) Circles touch line.

(04. d) Green: left-right-left-right; Red: diagonally; Black: 1+1/2 wall.

(05. d) Inner figures touch the outer ones.

(06. c) Arrows point to corners.

(07. c) Figures should alternate.

(08. d) Black-red-green, clockwise.

(09. d) Inner figures are 4 sided ones.

(10. d) Inner and outer figures with the same number of sides. Top

Answers Test 9:

(01. b) Same figure; decreasing numbers.

(02. b) J-Q-K-A; same figure.

(03. b) Red and Black alternating; increasing numbers.

(04. c) From A (1) to 10; 4 hearts, 3 spades, 2 diamonds and 1 club.

(05. b) Black cards: even numbers; each group begins with the two last cards in the former group. Top

Answers Test 10:

(01. a) 4(+2)4(-2)=62; 6(+2)2(-2)=80; 8(+2)0(-2)=08...

(02. c) (-12).

(03. c) (-12); 99-89...

(04. b) Mirror squares.

(05. a) Alphabetical order, alternating and repeating last letter.

(06. a) Increasing and decreasing numbers, alternating.

(07. b) Forward and then 1/2 wall backward.

(08. a) One behind the other.

(09. c) Same figure rotating clockwise.

(10. a) Both: corner-center-corner but never in the same wall. Top

Answers Test 11:

(01. b) Increasing numbers by groups of ten, alternating 1, 2...

(02. c) Alphabetical order; capital and small letters interspersed.

(03. b) The first letter in each group follows alphabetical order; the second one inverted.

Second line: same letters diagonally.

(04. a) Arrow pops up pointing down.

(05. b) Interspersed boxes; same figures.

(06. b) Square rotates 90º with all-in, clockwise.

(07. b) Orange square moves from corner to corner, counterclockwise.

(08. a) Green square skips two letters, alphabetical order;

Yellow square, skips two letters too, counterclockwise.

(09. c) 3D figures in the Square and plain ones in the Circle.

(10. b) Each part used to complete a figure, not to settle apart. Top

Answers Test 12:

(01. a) Figures blacken keeping same order.

(02. b) First, the two halves; then the figure.

(03. b) 4 pieces, 3..., 2..., 1..., 0.

(04. a) Triangle from wall to wall, clockwise.

(05. c) Interspersed figures.

(06. c) First line: 1; Second line: 2; Third line: 3.

(07. b) Each line with same type of figures and same color.

(08. b) Heart diagonally and on the same color in the second group.

(09. c) Mirror squares.

(10. a) Sign moves from wall to wall; counterclockwise. Top

Answers Test 13:

(01. a) (2) - 1 (1) + 2 (3) - 1 (2) + 2 (4) - 1.

(02. b) Brown column:: middle, left, right.

(03. b) Green square moves down and up step by step.

(04. c) Mirror squares.

(05. b) Three green squares and three brown ones. Top

Answers Test 14:

(01. a)

(02. a)
The letter "D" is associated with the number 6 when it has as reference other letters and other numbers that follow a pattern.
In the last table, there are no reference or comparison points, because it is blank, which would imply a value of "zero" to "D", as no data is available.
In each of the first tables, each letter has a value (A = 1 / B = 2 / C = 3 and D = 6). "D" would be the total value of the other letters: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6; When the other spaces of the last table, appear blank, the letter "D" will obtain as a result the sum of empty spaces, that is, ZERO.

(03. c)

(04. b)

(05. b). Top

Kent Test:

1) 5 black, 4 red, 3 black, 2 red, 1 black: A is the answer.

2) 1 black at bottom, 2 black top, 3 black bottom, 4 black top, 5 black at bottom: E is the answer.

3) blue square, 
blue square + red circle underneath, 
blue square + red circle + green triangle on top, 
blue square + red circle + green triangle + black circle underneath, 
blue square + red circle + green triangle + black circle + red square on top: C is the answer.

4) Each time one dot is removed so the last box should show one dot. This must be answer D, as it is the only box with a dot in the same location (South) as in the previous box.

5) E & W openings in the square, plus one object at N & S
N & S openings, plus 2 objects at N & S
E & W openings, plus one object at N & S
N & S openings, plus 2 objects at N & S
E & W openings, plus one object at N & S: D is the answer.

6) In each consecutive box one rectangle changes colour. A new colour introduced in a previous box will colour both rectangles in the next box.
Red Red
Red Blue
Blue Blue
Blue Green
Green Green: B is the answer.

7) 8 green dots, 4 red, 4 blue, 4 black
6 green dots, 3 red, 3 blue, 3 black
4 green dots, 2 red, 2 blue, 2 black
2 green dots, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 black
0 green dots, 0 red, 0 blue, 0 black: B is the answer.

8) Each box contains 8 straight lines and a circle.
Only answer C contains 8 straight lines and a circle.

9) The innermost two rectangles are vertical, then horizontal, then vertical again, then horizontal, 
So, in the answer they must both be vertical; therefore, E is the answer.

10) One blue square, then two blue squares, then three, then four; so, there must be five blue squares in the answer, which is E.

11) Each box increments by one blue segment (one eight of the square). So, there are 4 segments in box four (half the square is filled). 
So, there must be 5 blue segments (5/8th of the square) in the answer, which leaves us with A or D.
But, the diagonal edge of the first segment is also rotating clockwise by 90% each time, so, it should be aligned NW in the answer. Therefore, the answer is D.

12) Items are introduced in this order: black square, black dot, red dot, blue square, green dot. New items are always introduced into the top right corner; therefore, B is the answer.

13) The first box has 7 straight lines, the second 11, the third 15, the fourth 19, and so the fifth box will have 23 lines; so, the answer is C.

14) The first box has one black dot, the second 2, the third 3, the fourth 4 and so; the fifth box will have five black dots, so, the answer is A.

15) The first box has two lines, the second 3, the third 4, the fourth 5 and so; the fifth box will have six lines, so, the answer is C.

16) The first square has 25 black squares, the second has 16, the third 9, the fourth 4 and so, the 5th will have one square (reducing sequence of the square numbers 25, 16, 9, 4, 1). Also, squares are removed from the right and from the bottom; so, the final square will be in the top left corner; thus, the answer is D.

17) The red triangle rotates anticlockwise by one segment each box. The blue triangle rotates by one segment clockwise each box; so, the answer is E.

18) The first box has 5 short lines and no long lines, the second box: 4 short & 1 long, the third box: 3 short & 2 long, the fourth box, 2 short and 3 long. So, each time there is one more long line and one less short line; so, in the fifth box there will be 1 short and 4 long lines: the answer is A.

19) The black line rotates by 45 degrees clockwise each time. The thick red line rotates 45 degrees anticlockwise each time, so, the answer is B.

20) The hardest question! Each time, a shape is removed and replaced by a different shape. The shape to be removed is always directly below the V shape (it points towards the next shape to be removed). So, the next shape to be removed would be the green circle; so, the answer is D.


Photographic Memory Tests

Answers Photographic Memory Test 1:

(01) The comb is BLUE.

(02) His trousers are RED.

(03) His eyebrows are WHITE.

(04) He combs himself with his RIGHT hand.

(05) NO, he does NOT wear moustache. Top

Answers Photographic Memory Test 2:

(01) His cap is RED.

(02) His gloves are WHITE.

(03) His tie is RED.

(04) He is BALD-HEADED.

(05) There are FOUR letters in his bag. Top

Answers Photographic Memory Test 3:

(01) There are THREE stars in the image.

(02) NO, There are NOT blue stars in the image.

(03) There are FOUR people.

(04) There is ONE blond haired person.

(05) NONE of them. Top

Answers Photographic Memory Test 4:

(01) Tamer's boots are BLUE.

(02) Tamer's hat is BLACK.

(03) Tamer's shirt is WHITE.

(04) In his LEFT hand.

(05) There are SIX stars in the image. Top

Answers Photographic Memory Test 5:

(01) Man's cap is YELLOW.

(02) Woman's handbag is WHITE.

(03) The bike has ONE rear mirror.

(04) TWO wheels.

(05) There are THREE hands in the image. Top

Exercises on Syllogisms

Answers Exercise 1:

(01.b) (02.a) (03.b) (04.d) Top

Answers Exercise 2:

(01.c) (02.b) (03.a) (04.b) Top

Albert Einstein's Riddle

Answer to Einstein's Riddle:

Riddle Answer

The German owns a little fish. Top

All-lights Puzzle

Answer to All-lights Puzzle:

Click on the boxes with an inside (1)

all-lights Top

Riddle on Cats and Mice

Answer to Riddle on Cats and Mice:

¡ 5 cats only !! Top

Riddle on Sheep

Answer to Riddle on Sheep:

The First one had 5 Sheep and The Second one had 7 Sheep. Top

Optical Illusion

Answer to Optical Illusion:

Duck or Rabbit?

pato-conejo Top

Riddle on Fishermen

Answer to Riddle on Fishermen:

Grandfather, Father and Son !!! Top


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