More Abstract Reasoning Examples

Exercise 3 (Using Numbers)

It has to do with arithmetic progressions.

This exercise follows numerical order (1,2,3,...)




ex 3

The answer is "c".

Exercise 4 (With Numbers-Two Variables)

This exercise can be analyzed in two ways:

First, the even numbers are in the increasing order interspersed with the odd ones, in the increasing order too.

Second Analysis:





ex 4

The sequence adds 3 and subtracts 1 (+3-1)

We conclude the answer is "a".

Exercise 5 (With Tokens of Domino)

Observe the left half of each domino and then its right half.

Both, the left and the right halves of the domino increase in number

(0-1-2-3 / 1-2-3-4)

and each domino begins with the same number of dots as the former one's second half.

Thus, the answer is letter "c".

Exercises using Letters

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