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Colombia Tierra Querida

"Colombia Tierra Querida", is a song composed by maestro Lucho Bermudez, in honor of our beautiful nation...

National Symbols

The decrees 861 of 1934, issued by the General Mr Pedro Nel Ospina and Dr. Enrique Olaya Herrera respectively, contain provisions about the national flag and coat of arms.

Colombian Flag


Coat of Arms


National Anthem

The Colombian National Anthem was composed in 1887 by Rafael Nunez with music by the Italian Oreste Sindici to commemorate the 11th of November, day of Independence of Cartagena. Law 33 of October 28, 1920, sanctioned by President Fidel Marco Suarez, gave it official status. It consists of 11 verses and a chorus.

The anthem of Colombia is considered the second anthem all over the world, after "La Marseillaise" (Anthem of France), which ranks first.

National Bird

Condor (Vultur Gryphus)


Although not officially, it has always been linked to the Condor of the Andes with our country.It is the largest bird in the Andes and the one flying at the highest altitude there.

National Flower

The orchid is the national flower; specifically, the variety called "Cattleya Trianae". It was named so in honour of the Colombian naturalist Joseph Jerome Triana.

National Tree

Palma de cera Palm of Quindio is the National Tree of Colombia. Its scientific name is "Ceroxylon Quindiuense".

Colombia (South America)

Capital: Bogota D.C.

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Area: 1.141.748 km2

Estimated Population

in 2050: 64.534.230

Language: Spanish

Currency: El Peso

Day of the Independence:

20th July 1810

Second World Coffee Producer

(softest in the world).

Television in Colombia

The television was inaugurated in Colombia on June 13, 1954, during the government of General Gustavo Rojas Pinilla.

In its early years, television was a public service in Colombia and just by 1969 the first steps were taken to privatization, been Channel "Teletigre" the first one in this privatization. In 1979, it arrives colour television. In the 1980s began regional television, also public, with Teleantioquia, Telepacífico and Telecaribe. By that time, national television already had three channels: Cadena Uno (Canal Uno), Cadena Dos (Canal A) and Cadena Tres (Señal Colombia). In 1998, it was initiated licensed private TV with RCN TV and Caracol TV. Then after, some others as City TV ...

Song: Soy Colombiano

Garzón y Collazos

Song: El Sanjuanero

Garzón y Collazos

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