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1. Choose one from the two types of games (Shallow - Deep).

2. You play first (Green Pieces).

3. Click on the piece you want to move (Chessboard illuminates the squares to which you may move).

If you want to change your move, click again on the selected piece and choose another one.

4. Click on the box to which you want to land on (or take an opponent's piece).

5. Now the Computer makes its move.

6. You play again and so on.

Note that the board names Columns with letters (a-h) and rows with numbers (1-8).

You can see your PC's moves and yours on the right side. For example: (Computer: g7-g6), Computer moves its Pawn from "g7" to "g6".

"Status" shows you information about "IN CHECK", "CHECKMATE" or "PAT".

7. If you want to play a new game use the "Restart" button.

8. "Full Screen".

¡ Good Luck !

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